GLOWWING Lights. Your way.

for all car modells.

for all car modells.

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by BMW's former Light Carpet inventor
100% street legal
100% Made in Germany
2 years warranty

Innovation in a small space

We did what no one else can do. Miniaturized MLA optics made of finest glass, a milled aluminium heat sink, integrated semiconductor electronics, best-in-class LED light source along with a laser-printed housing create the world's smallest high-power projector possible. So small, it'll fit below any car and produces daytime visible light output.

Easy installation

Our GLOWWINGs are only 24mm high and can therefore be easily attached to the underbody just behind the front wheels. From each of the two aerodynamically optimized modules a cable is led into the vehicle interior to the GLOWWING® SWITCH control unit. This is connected to the 12V on-board voltage, a ground point and a signal transmitter (e.g. the door handle lighting) using the enclosed cable set. A second signal input allows the switch-on and switch-off also independently from the vehicle signal for operation outside the StVZO. Our GLOWWING® REMOTE is expected to be available for this purpose in Q1 2021.

Installation Universal

If you want to install your GLOWWINGs yourself and not have them installed by a specialist workshop, we have put together a detailed installation video for you. With this you can easily install your GLOWWINGs step by step on your vehicle without having to have extensive prior knowledge. If you have any questions, please contact us via our Whatsapp Livechat and we will help you immediately!

Installation Replacement

We have also prepared a detailed installation video for you for the installation of the replacement set. Although we always recommend the installation by a professional workshop, it is so with some technical skill, no problem to install your GLOWWING Replacement Set yourself. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to use our live chat widget here on the website to contact us via Whatsapp.

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